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Are you TIME-Poor? Living hour-to-hour?

Sometimes instead of being money-poor, we are time-poor. Living check-to-check is eclipsed by living hour-to-hour.

We never have enough time to do what we love, to be there for the people we love, because we are so busy trading hours for dollars. Creating passive income is a real way to create more balance in our lives, work less for more money, and develop a business that supports our lifestyle, rather than the other way around.

If you’re like I was, you may think:

“I’m busy (aka my business is thriving). Why would I need to develop a system for passive income?”

I’ve thought this over and over – and figured the whole “passive income craze” had no relevance in my service-based, client-based, CUSTOM, built-from-scratch, one-of-a-kind business. But I was totally wrong. It is relevant – to ANY business, but especially creative ones, and here’s why:

  • Invest your time instead of just spending it

The biggest case for creating a passive revenue stream in your business is it’s an amazing INVESTMENT. Not investment of money in the traditional sense, though. As your business grows, you’ll realize your most precious asset is time. You may think time is time and goes by no matter what – but it’s not really true. There’s a way to invest your time – and it’s in developing a passive income system. You spend the time ONCE and it keeps working for you – without you spending the time over and over again. Your time is exponentially MORE valuable when spending it creating a passive income system. It can potentially grow and grow, unlike how you’re spending time now. Time is finite in the trade-hours-for-money scenario.

  • Easiest time in history for passive incomes

Right now is the easiest and most fertile planting ground for developing a passive income system. It’s a bit ridiculous how easy it is to start. The cost is super low, and you can start it RIGHT NOW. You don’t need a degree, or even a specialty. You just need a passion – ANY passion. If you know anything about anything – there’s a profit to be made on it. There are people out there who want to know what you know, or want to buy what you make. And connecting those clients with you and your offering is the easiest it’s EVER been. NOW is the time to start. It truly is the future, and the entrance gates are unlocked and are wide open right now. Why NOT start now?

  • Business “insurance” plan

As women, building a business can be particularly scary. We have an extra set of worries when it comes to starting a family. There is such an uncertainty. If you already have children, you already know how big of a change happened in your life. If you don’t already have kids, you can only imagine how your life would change. For all of us though, when a business depends on only us – we get worried something could happen to us and render us temporarily unable to work. Developing a passive income system is a way to serve as a backup plan – or an insurance type business for us. It reduces our client dependency for our business to thrive. And who doesn’t want a little extra security right?

  • Helping other people isn’t limited

The businesses that do the best, are those that HELP people. It is fulfilling as a business owner, and a as person, to be able to help people. As it currently stands though, you can only help so many people, because you’re just one person. When you develop a system, it can grow and grow and help many more people than you could ever handle on your own. Your reach is spread to the sky – and you can truly feel amazing about that! It is worth it!



So now that we’re in agreement – you may be wondering where to start? How do you develop a passive income stream in YOUR businesses? I can help you navigate WHAT to sell and HOW to sell it in my course, Create Passive Profits. You may be on information overload and have NO clue where to start. I’ve worked hard to devour all the information, speak to those currently doing it, and clean it up in an easy to understand and customizable way for CREATIVE businesses. There’s a lot of junk information out there, car salesman type techniques and just generally outdated information. I created a course that I wish was out there. This course will help you to develop the idea and hit the ground running with it. This is my 3rd time running the course, but I’m doing it differently this time with keeping the class small, and adding in the group coaching element. I’m opening registration VERY SOON, so make sure you’re signed up to be first to know when registration opens, so you can be guaranteed a spot and can get started on creating that revenue stream ASAP.

Cheers to a bright future – filled with passive incomes, fulfilling work, and being with the ones you love!

when community over competition goes wrong

Yesterday I did an impromptu Periscope that got a lot of views and a lot of people buzzing.

Community over competition movement has been a positive shift, but it can (and is already) going wrong a bit.

Before you totally freak out, please hear me out. This comes from a place of love. Hugs. Take a quick breath, and let me ‘splain.

Rising tides lift all ships. But only if the water is being added to, not only drawn from.

The idea of rising tides means the body of water is being added to. Those who continually take and take, without adding, are going to find that the community will quickly get tired. And those in said community will stop sharing. Thus, without the proper balance, Community over Competition will crumble. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure you are ADDING more value than you are taking. 80/20 it if you need to. 80% value adding, 20% value taking.

TRUE communities support each other. And sometimes that means spending money.

I’m not saying that you have to spend all of your money to support community. But sometimes the BEST way to support someone is to get out your wallet. (Tough love time, ladies). If you truly believe in someone, HIRE THEM. There truly is no greater form of respect. Don’t just take all the free info they give out and never actually support them financially. Shop within your community, instead of looking outward. Keep each other in business, friends!

Community over competition can be used as a veil to take advantage of competition. Remember to REMEMBER the people who helped you get to where you are.

This is one of the biggest problems I see happening right now. A way to combat this is to REMEMBER the people who helped you, and to call them out and THANK THEM. There is nothing worse than helping someone in need, and them forgetting to thank you for it. It hurts, and it makes others not want to help ever again. Take time to thank your community and mentors for all they have done for you.

Only share what you are comfortable with.

Just because people are sharing more than ever before, doesn’t mean you have to “tell all” or share everything. You can politely send them to a resource in which they can gain more information on their own (like sending them to a business coach or online course). Or, you can be honest at say you aren’t comfortable with sharing proprietary business information with them. You DO NOT have to let them pick your brain for free. Offer a consulting call for a fee, and if they truly need help, they will support you.

Have a lovely week friends!



Tired of trading time for money? Need to develop a system of passive profit that doesn’t depend on you? Have no clue what to offer or how to start? This is exactly why I developed the e-course, Create Passive Profits. This course will help you to develop the idea and hit the ground running with it. I’ve also added a coaching portion this time, so I’ll help you one-on-one to help you get started.

Make sure you’re signed up to be notified when it opens!

a Fresh start!


Hello friend! Happy summer to you!!

It’s officially summer, a perfect time for a FRESH start to your business. Sometimes we start our business with the best intentions, but it’s extremely difficult to get it perfect when… well… we aren’t experts at starting a business in the first place.

We are creatives and we love what we do, so much that the rest doesn’t matter much in the beginning. We think we can tackle it all on our own, but pretty quickly we realize we would LOVE (desperately need?) some help.

How do we get more of those clients we LOVE and less of those kinds we’d LOVE to AVOID? Maybe we’ve spent time and money creating a brand we thought we wanted, but we’re still not HAPPY with it. It’s not a reflection of US. Whomp, whomp.

We need community. SOMEONE to chat with. Someone to talk to, to bounce ideas off of. Someone who’s been there. Someone to ask – “Am I doing this RIGHT?”

We want to make our message clear. We want to tell our story and share our heart. We know that we can help people and there’s just a big disconnect on HOW to actually get there.

Oh friend. I HEAR you.

Business coaching can be expensive. We charge $150/hr for it, and there’s a lot of coaching that’s much more expensive. But it WORKS. We’ve seen it change businesses dramatically, when they are finally ready to bring someone on to HELP and guide their path.
So I’m trying something new that I’m SO excited about. It’s called the Styled Brand.

And I’m opening only 5 seats — like RIGHT NOW.


What is the Styled Brand?

The Styled Brand is a four week, intimate business + brand coaching program. The Styled Brand will help you relaunch your business with grace and style. The Styled Brand will help you get clear on money stuff and what to charge for it, and a rock-solid visual brand board and plan to make it all happen. Get real, personal help, to re-build the business you love.

What’s included:

  1. Weekly group coaching calls (recorded if you cannot make it live)
  2. Weekly coaching content, Video & Worksheets Weekly check in office hours email with Cathy
  3. Community for you to connect with each other & like-minded entrepreneurs
  4. A stylized Visual Brand Inspiration Board for you to keep you on track & share with other

Don’t just keep struggling with business issues and questions and indecision. You’re ready.


“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” Karen Lamb


To find answers to all your questions, and to grab one of the very limited spots for August 2015, go here. Or, just email me directly and I’ll answer your questions personally.

I’m so grateful for you, and I’m excited to go on this journey together!

Well-Designed Life Series interview

Recently I was interviewed by Whitney English and Mary Verett of the Day Designer®. See the original post here, and below for the interview!


This week’s #WellDesignedLife interview is with the incredible Cathy Olson! We just adore this hardworking (and super sweet) lady! Whitney has not only had the privilege of getting to personally know Cathy over the past year, but also worked with her to start a community project called Go Inspire Love!

Cathy will introduce herself a little further down, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to express our admiration for all the ways she helps others and manages to get.stuff.done. We love her and know you will, too!

What accomplishment are you most proud of in life so far?

My family, hands down. I love them more than there are stars in the sky, and they make life worth living. Nothing I do in my business life will ever compare to building and raising human beings. But, in my business, I am proud of getting the opportunity to really connect and help others through my art and experience.

Tell me about your big dreams. Where do you want to go and what do you want to do and why?

I learned early on that you really can’t over plan your life TOO much. It’s imperative to have goals, and to work towards them, but it’s necessary to be flexible and to be able to roll with the punches of life. So I don’t plan too far ahead anymore. But I can say in my immediate future, I’d like to grow my team a little more (I’m actually hiring right now for a position), and I’d like to be open to growing my reach and helping more people.

Actually I think that can be my long-standing goal/big dream. To help others exponentially with whatever I have than can help. I want to leave a legacy and make a mark – even if it’s just one person.


Do you face any struggles in achieving your dreams? What’s the scariest thing about them?

Of course I do! I struggle with a lot. I struggle with not being enough, not doing enough, not helping enough. I’m in a constant state of wondering if everything is ENOUGH. I have to remind myself that there is nothing to prove, only people to help. I remember that helping just ONE other person is enough.

As far as dreaming – it’s scary because I am a huge dreamer AND doer. So when something comes in to my mind, I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to get it done and make it perfect. It is SO fun and exciting but can be exhausting if I’m listening too much to the negative voices.

What three daily things can you not live without?

Jesus, Hubby, my kids Aven and Maizen, and my computer with dual Mac screens. Sorry that’s five things. :)

How do you design intention into your life?

Being present 100% wherever I am. No regrets, no time splitting.

BUT… forgiving myself when I make a mistake or fail at it.

How do you create balance in your life?

I actually teach a course on it! So I have a complete system but the basics are – Customizing your schedule to you, and leaving room to be flexible.

What does your daily routine look like?

Morning with kids, alone time to work or run errands, then kids + family again.

What checklist(s) do you live by?

I use my monthly and weekly calendars, and do a fresh to-do-list every day (in my Day Designer).

What do you wish you had more of in life?

I guess I could always use more free time. I’m still working full time hours. Maybe in the future I can work part-time. We will see!!

What do you wish you had less of in life?

Negativity, perfectionism, doubt.

Are you willing to share a story with us about a time in your life things felt out of control? How did you get things back on course?

I would love to – but it’s long. The story of my crazy tumor is a long read, but I PROMISE you won’t feel the same about LIFE after you read it.

Thanks again to the lovely ladies who make the amazing Day Designer®! If you don’t have one, make sure you get on their mailing list to be updated when they go on sale!

Have a lovely day friends!


Confidence in Business



How can you be confident in your pricing? Confident in your offerings? Confident in your niche or confident in even your TALENTS?

Is it about faking it? NO.

I believe that we are all WORTH it and so we don’t have to fake it.

Since this is such a deep topic, we decided to do our monthly premium webinar on gaining Confidence in Your Business.

I would be so thrilled if you would join Whitney English and I TOMORROW, October 15th, live at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST.


Can’t make it live? Missed it and still want to watch? You can purchase the recorded version instead (Go Inspire Love members – no need to register).


Plate overflowing? Overwhelmed? Burned out? Let’s fix it.


  • Ever feel like work and life is just a juggling act?
  • Never feeling very present wherever you happen to be?
  • Do you feel so overwhelmed that you don’t even know WHERE to start to fix it?

I have been there friends. I had gotten myself into the overflow too many times and I finally decided it needed to STOP. I needed to find a way out of the cycle and a way through. I want to share it with you.

As business owners, we all are feeling the pressure of “too much to do and not enough time.” When you’re with family and friends, you feel like you should be working. When you’re working, you feel like you’re missing out on family and friends.

(Do you ALWAYS feel like there are not enough hours in a day?)

We all need to not feel guilt and be more present when spending time with our family and friends. We are always seeking balance, and it almost seems impossible some days.


Do you ever wonder if this is just what life is supposed to feel like, or is there some way to adjust and make life seem more fulfilling instead of fast?


THIS TUESDAY I will be presenting Finally… Balancing Work and Life, a 1 hour webinar with Stationery Academy, to help you start balancing RIGHT away with simple strategies and roll with it when crazy strikes.

Please join me so that we can clear out overwhelm, and find balance, so that you can live your life. You will learn how to really balance life and work and friends and family once and for all.

(Sound like a plan?)



My developed plan for implementing boundaries and systems that will help clear up your overwhelm immediately, so we can get the MOST of our time and stay productive.

When you’re balanced, you are happier, your clients or customers are happier, and YOU are doing your BEST work.


Reserve your seat for Tuesday Sept 30th. 
Only 50 seats available before this Masterclass is full.


Don’t waste any more time being overwhelmed.

It’s yucky and it does no one any good. Start clearing it now, and be able to look forward to a fresh 2015 free of guilt, over-scheduling, and overwhelm!

Excited to see you there! xo!

register now for free webinar from cathy + whitney!


I am thrilled to announce that the lovely and super talented Whitney English and I are collaborating on a fun project together for faith & love based women entrepreneurs, called Go Inspire Love. Mark your calendars – we are hosting a FREE insider Webinar on August 21st, at 12pm PST / 3pm EST, for those who’d like to learn more. We’ll be talking about the vision for Go Inspire Love and how we think this will be a game changer.

We hope you can join us!

Hop over to to register for the free Webinar. We’ll be sending out a reminder the day before, and the details and link the morning of, via email, on where to go to participate.

Till then, Go Inspire Love!



Create Passive Profits UPDATES for the new class


Tired of trading hours for dollars? Interested in learning how to build systems to develop passive revenue streams? I’ll be opening registration next Monday for the Create Passive Profits e-course. This session is going to have some updates and changes, and there will be 3 tiers this time around – including an option for past CPP takers!

There are 3 ways to take the next class of Create Passive Profits, and it’s really exciting!

Tier One – CPP + Coaching

Early-bird registration code will be $50 off
DLP alums code will be $100 off

This tier will include the 4 week CPP program, access to the CPP community, and will include 2 coaching calls/chats, 30 minutes each with me. The purpose of the calls will be to evaluate your finding halfway through, and then to help you get started on your plan after the 4 weeks. This is helpful for those who need help clarifying, choosing and starting.

Tier Two – CPP only

Early-bird registration code will be $50 off
DLP alums code will be $100 off
CPP alums code make this course free to re-take

This tier will include the 4 week CPP program, and will include access to the CPP community for feedback. You will have access to the course for at least 6 months after the course runs, in case you’d like to take it at your own pace.

Tier Three – Coaching only (For Create Passive Profit Alums Only)

CPP alums code make this course free to re-take, coaching add-on is $100

This tier is for those CPP alums who took the class the last session, would like to retake it (free) and would like the option to add on the coaching calls this time around. The cost of the course is free, and the upgrade to add on the (2) 30 minute coaching calls is just $100. This is helpful for those who took the course, perhaps didn’t have the time or clarity, and need a little help making their plan a reality.


Still deciding if passive income is right for you?

Check out all the posts in the series to help you:

Is ‘Create Passive Profits’ e-course right for me?

The Case for Passive Income

Create Passive Profits What to Expect Video

New idea fear busting #1: It’s been done

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New idea fear busting #3: Someone will steal my idea

New idea fear busting #4: I don’t have enough time


Have a Happy Friday and wonderful weekend! See you first thing on Monday when registration opens!

is ‘create passive profits’ e-course right for me?


Let’s face it EntreHustlers (that’s what I’m calling you these days), there are a lot of e-courses on the market right now. I myself have taken way more than I can count. It can drain on your bank account and on your time if you’re not using both wisely. So whenever I choose to take an e-course, it needs to be juicy, to the point, and quite frankly, it needs to return on my investment 10-fold. So I pay special attention before I take a course, to read through the description and see if it truly is the right fit for me. I’m opening early-bird registration NEXT WEEK for Create Passive Profits, and so I thought I’d spend some time today to help you figure out if this course is for you. I’m all for finding the perfect students for this course – because I want everyone to succeed, and really knock it out of the park to stop trading time for money. Creating a passive income stream is not for everyone, it takes some work, but that work really pays off. So is it for you? Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. How much time do I have to invest in this course?

This course won’t take itself for you. There is time to invest, and the more HEART you put in, the more you’ll get out (notice I didn’t say the more time you put in). With that said, we’re not wasting any time in this course – it’s jam packed with info and we get started by hitting the ground running. The course spans 4 weeks and has 2 video lessons per week, about 30 min each. There are worksheets/homework for you to fill out to personalize your experience and get the answers. The good news is – the time is WORTH IT. You can get a passive income stream started right away. Any time invested in passive income has the opportunity to grow exponentially – remember, the whole premise is that you don’t have to BE there to make the money. You just build the machine, and turn it on.

2. How long have I been in business?

Where you are in business is going to determine which passive profit route you take. In the course we will talk about ALL the types of passive income, and some are more general, while others are very specific. Some are for anyone, others are for professionals only. If you’re just starting a business, or have been in business less than 2 years, I recommend taking the general/easier/most passive path. If you’ve been in business awhile, 3+ years, I would suggest you taking the semi-passive and professional path of developing passive income. When you are first in business, you’re still testing out the waters and may be unsure of your target market of audience, or possibly unsure of what you really want to do. When you’re more established you know these answers well, and you can zero in on those markets and develop some pure niche marketing. The good news is, passive profit can be good for either, and it’s best to start on building it, right where you are.

3. How much passive profit would I like to make?

When it comes to building a passive income, the truth it, it’s not how much TIME you spend, it’s on how SMART you spend it. In the course we talk about the two main sources of creating income – Informational Products (e-books, e-courses, etc) and Physical Products (printed materials, books, etc). We also talk about totally passive income, via affiliates and blogging, and semi-passive income through setting up programs, products and systems which will make you money passively once they are done. Real success in creating passive income lies in identifying what your interests are, where the market needs help, and how to best give it to them. It’s about working SMARTER and not HARDER. You can make passive profits in a lot of ways, but you’ll make the most passive profits when you do it SMARTER.

Does this course sound like a perfect fit for what you’re looking for? If you have any questions on the course, check out the Create Passive Profits info page for more questions and information on the structure, or send me a message!




I’m excited to announce this session we will be offering Create Passive Profits in two ways – 1. with community feedback, and 2. with community feedback PLUS personalized coaching calls. The second option will include personal phone calls with me to help develop your dreams into concrete plans. I’m super excited to add this on for this session. AND… if you took the previous session of CPP, you can re-take the course for free and upgrade to add on the coaching calls with me.


Make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter – once registration opens we’ll have an early-bird only coupon code for an exclusive discount!



create passive profits e-course registration opening soon!

Create a revenue stream that’s not dependent on your time, and is tailored for the CREATIVE business entrepreneur.

Create Passive Profits is a 4-week, online course to help you develop a system to create passive income, so that you are no longer exchanging time for money. Create Passive Profits will help you identify profitable and passive revenue streams to add to your offerings, so that you can free up your time and energy for the things you love. Create Passive Profits will help you decide which information or products are perfect for creative entrepreneurs, how to develop them to their full potential, and start making profits RIGHT AWAY.


Passive income is money that’s created without extensive effort, that can be re-used or resold for reoccurring income. Once it’s developed, and systems are automated, you are no longer limited by time and your sales can exponentially grow with little effort. Create Passive Profits gives you the tools to work less hours and still do what you love!

Are you a creative who:

  • Understands the value of passive profits, but has no idea how to implement them in a creative business?
  • Is afraid of relying too heavily on your current clients or getting new clients for income and stability?
  • Finds your revenue is limited because you only have so many hours in a day?
  • Feels like you have more information or skills to offer the world, but can’t find the time to figure it all out?
  • Would love a flexible schedule and more free time?
  • Wants to diversify your income in case you ever need time off?

Perhaps you are getting busier than ever before, and you are SERIOUSLY worried about sustainability. Maybe you’re feeling limited in how much income you can earn in your current role and with your current offerings. Possibly you’re like most of us, and feel like your true potential isn’t being utilized, but you’re stuck on how to start. This robust e-course will give you the ideas and tools to help you define the perfect passive income offerings FOR YOU, and walk you through the steps on how to start offering them, in just 4 weeks!

Would you like to:

  • Reduce your client dependency?
  • Build a healthy and more consistent cash flow?
  • Create endless revenue stream potential?
  • Use 100% of your creative potential and feel TOTALLY inspired?
  • Broaden your audience and cross-promotional opportunities?
  • Have FUN?

Registration for the Fall Edition is opening early August 2014

Class starts on Monday, August 18, 2014, and class size is limited, so make sure you grab your spot!

Week 1: Smart Passive Income and How it Will Work for YOU

In the first week, you will learn all about passive income and reoccurring revenue streams. You will learn about the different types, including the two major groups, and also some little known others. You will get a great overview of all the possibilities and EXACTLY what it will mean for your business (and for you). We will get you fired up to start this new path by hitting the ground running

Week 2: Identifying Your Direction and YOUR Unique Offerings

In the second week, you will learn how to discover the direction you’d like to take your profits, and exactly how you’re going to do it. I will help you identify what brings you JOY and what ignites your best work. You will learn how to identify market gaps, and what your ideal clients are looking for. You will discover the products or information THEY crave and you will fill the niche and in turn, be able to charge a premium for it.

Week 3: Focusing on Informational Offerings + Taking Action

In the third week, you will learn how all about the potential of informational offerings and how they can create massive revenue streams. I will show you how to use your expertise and smarts to leverage information that others will pay a large premium for. I will show you how to create these offerings, how to price them, and how they can be reused over and over and continually make profits. You will learn how to continue this path and keep creating amazing offerings that blow them out of the water, every time. You will learn how to effectively market your offerings for amazing results.

Week 4: Focusing on Product Offerings + Taking Action

In the fourth week, you will learn how to all about product offerings – both physical and digital. I will show you how to use your strengths and intuition to create products that people love and can’t stop raving about to their friends. You will learn about resources on where to sell your products for maximum profits. You will learn what’s involved in product selling and what will truly make your products stand out from all the others.

Create Passive Profits is taught by Graphic and Web Designer Cathy Olson, owner of the design studio Love-Inspired. She has over 14 years experience as a professional graphic designer, and has worked with a range of businesses – big ones like Disney, Costco, Best Buy and Walmart – to small ones like work-from-home moms, working from a desk and a laptop in the wee hours. Cathy started her own design business over 6 years ago, and in that time has helped hundreds of businesses find their authentic voice through exploration, social media, marketing, graphics, and web. She has dealt first-hand with the juggling a thriving business, being a mom to a growing family, and personal goals. She’s determined to work less and play more – all while cultivating her thirst for art, helping others and using God-given talents. She’s experienced in business, marketing and strategy and LOVES continually learning and teaching others to work less and make more. This class is perfect for designers, photographers, artists and creatives who want to have more free time, have a monetarily healthy and rewarding business, become independent in your business and truly help brighten others lives with your gifts.

Registration for the Fall Edition is opening early August 2014

Class starts on Monday, August 18, 2014, and class size is limited, so make sure you grab your spot!

Let’s FINALLY free up your time, and work smarter to make more money with LESS effort. There is a lot of corporate information out there on passive income, but it’s hard to figure out how to apply it to CREATIVE businesses. You will finally be able to identify a clear route towards developing a passive revenue stream JUST FOR YOU. You will learn how to develop the information and products that people WANT from you.


I’m so busy. Can I register, but start it later when I know things will have quietened down? The course spans over 4 weeks and is very robust. Each week we will have lessons and worksheets, and you can do them in your spare time. You will also have access to the private Facebook group to bounce your ideas off of. We are packing a lot of information into 4 weeks, so you can absolutely take longer at each step if you need to. You will be able to download all the content and access the course site for at least three months after the program finishes.

What kind of teaching can I expect in the course? What’s included? The Create Passive Profits e-course is content and resource rich. Enrolling in Create Passive Profits includes full access to the online classroom, video tutorials, Q&A and worksheets to identify your unique offerings, as well as access to a private Facebook group where you can connect and share with your classmates and get feedback directly from Cathy. After 4 weeks, you will have the potential to start developing your products right away.

When does the class start? Registration opens early August 2014! Class begins Monday August 18, 2014. You’ll be able to download all content and access the course site for at least three months after the program finishes.

Does the course meet at a certain time? Does it matter what part of the world I’m in? Create Passive Profits is a virtual course, you can participate from anywhere at anytime! Lessons will be posted online throughout the week, and you can log into the course at any time to view them.

How much time can I expect to spend on the course? You’ll get new content on the course site throughout the week, M-F. We’ll start with a lesson, then a worksheet, some observation and testing, and then end the week with resources to explore on your own. You can expect to spend anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes reviewing the content and completing the exercises and work for the class each day, depending on the length of the lesson. Some people may work through the content more quickly, and others may want to spend more time. All the content will help you develop your personalized plan by the end of the Create Passive Profits e-course.

How are payments handled? Payment is securely processed via PayPal and can be made using your PayPal balance or credit card. Please note that all course correspondence will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. To use a different email address, please forward your PayPal invoice to

Other questions? Email me at cathy@love-inspired.

Registration for the Fall Edition is opening early August 2014

Class starts on Monday, August 18, 2014, and class size is limited, so make sure you grab your spot!

* Disclaimer, Terms of Use, Course Policies *