Let’s face it EntreHustlers (that’s what I’m calling you these days), there are a lot of e-courses on the market right now. I myself have taken way more than I can count. It can drain on your bank account and on your time if you’re not using both wisely. So whenever I choose to take an e-course, it needs to be juicy, to the point, and quite frankly, it needs to return on my investment 10-fold. So I pay special attention before I take a course, to read through the description and see if it truly is the right fit for me. I’m opening early-bird registration NEXT WEEK for Create Passive Profits, and so I thought I’d spend some time today to help you figure out if this course is for you. I’m all for finding the perfect students for this course – because I want everyone to succeed, and really knock it out of the park to stop trading time for money. Creating a passive income stream is not for everyone, it takes some work, but that work really pays off. So is it for you? Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. How much time do I have to invest in this course?

This course won’t take itself for you. There is time to invest, and the more HEART you put in, the more you’ll get out (notice I didn’t say the more time you put in). With that said, we’re not wasting any time in this course – it’s jam packed with info and we get started by hitting the ground running. The course spans 4 weeks and has 2 video lessons per week, about 30 min each. There are worksheets/homework for you to fill out to personalize your experience and get the answers. The good news is – the time is WORTH IT. You can get a passive income stream started right away. Any time invested in passive income has the opportunity to grow exponentially – remember, the whole premise is that you don’t have to BE there to make the money. You just build the machine, and turn it on.

2. How long have I been in business?

Where you are in business is going to determine which passive profit route you take. In the course we will talk about ALL the types of passive income, and some are more general, while others are very specific. Some are for anyone, others are for professionals only. If you’re just starting a business, or have been in business less than 2 years, I recommend taking the general/easier/most passive path. If you’ve been in business awhile, 3+ years, I would suggest you taking the semi-passive and professional path of developing passive income. When you are first in business, you’re still testing out the waters and may be unsure of your target market of audience, or possibly unsure of what you really want to do. When you’re more established you know these answers well, and you can zero in on those markets and develop some pure niche marketing. The good news is, passive profit can be good for either, and it’s best to start on building it, right where you are.

3. How much passive profit would I like to make?

When it comes to building a passive income, the truth it, it’s not how much TIME you spend, it’s on how SMART you spend it. In the course we talk about the two main sources of creating income – Informational Products (e-books, e-courses, etc) and Physical Products (printed materials, books, etc). We also talk about totally passive income, via affiliates and blogging, and semi-passive income through setting up programs, products and systems which will make you money passively once they are done. Real success in creating passive income lies in identifying what your interests are, where the market needs help, and how to best give it to them. It’s about working SMARTER and not HARDER. You can make passive profits in a lot of ways, but you’ll make the most passive profits when you do it SMARTER.

Does this course sound like a perfect fit for what you’re looking for? If you have any questions on the course, check out the Create Passive Profits info page for more questions and information on the structure, or send me a message!




I’m excited to announce this session we will be offering Create Passive Profits in two ways – 1. with community feedback, and 2. with community feedback PLUS personalized coaching calls. The second option will include personal phone calls with me to help develop your dreams into concrete plans. I’m super excited to add this on for this session. AND… if you took the previous session of CPP, you can re-take the course for free and upgrade to add on the coaching calls with me.


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