This is the third post in a series on new idea fear busting. In Create Passive Profits, we are going to start the course by pushing past the fears that have stopped us in the past. In this series, I’d like to dispel some fears here on the DLP blog, to encourage you to start those things you’ve been dreaming about.

New idea fear busting #3: Someone will STEAL my idea

I don’t take this fear lightly. It’s a very real fear – copying exists today more than ever. But we don’t need to fear it, or worry about it.

  • You will ALWAYS be the genuine article

Ray Kroc – founder of McDonalds said this:

“We can invent faster than they can steal”.

How true is that. You will always be one step ahead – you will always be the innovator. You will always be able to tout being the “Original” and you will always be able to charge a premium for your quality. The good news, is they can not make it as good as you, because you will always be one step ahead of them.

  • Worry is a waste of your precious time

It sucks, and it hurts to be copied. People say it’s the highest form of flattery – but I would beg to say it’s the highest form of a slap in the face! Haha. The good news is, they aren’t worth worrying about most of the time. Even if you decided to litigate – there are always those overseas companies that can skirt around the law. Don’t waste time going backwards – instead, send your C&D orders – and continue innovating.

  • Rest easy knowing they will ultimately fail

Copycats never thrive. They are bottom feeders and will always be leeching off of someone else. Copying is a weak business model that’s built on quicksand. You know it and they know it. Be happy that you are on the winning end of the stick.

  • They can NEVER be you

You make a great product – and knock it out of the park. Put your heart and soul in – and have a GREAT time doing it. They can never be you.


Don’t let copycats stop you from getting your dream. You deserve to produce your idea and get it recognized. Forget them and keep being amazing!



If you haven’t already – read new idea fear busting #1 – it’s already been done, and new idea fear busting #2 – I’m not {blank} enough. I’ll be posting more new idea fear busting this week. I’d also love to invite you to join us in the new Create Passive Profits workshop, where you can take these ideas and monetize them to create a passive revenue stream. Registration is now open – so snag your spot before it’s sold out!