When asking them about why they hadn’t started a Passive Profit income stream, several people told me:

The reason they hadn’t spent the time or energy creating a Passive Profit product because they were afraid it wouldn’t sell, and they’d be out all that time, energy and resources.

Yesterday we had a free training on Passive Income for Creative Businesses and it was a huge success! We had over 300 people show up live and it’s already been replayed by another 100 people. We’ve gotten glowing emails in our inbox about how helpful it was. Over the next week, I’ll be sharing some of the key takeaways with all of you, broken down into parts. This is the first in a series of 7 Keys to breakthroughs in creative passive income for your creative business.

Key Tip #1: Develop a Product that you Know will Sell

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Perhaps you are getting busier than ever before, and you are SERIOUSLY worried about sustainability. Maybe you’re feeling limited in how much income you can earn in your current role and with your current offerings. Possibly you’re like most of us, and feel like your true potential isn’t being utilized, but you’re stuck on how to start. This course will give you the BRILLIANT IDEAS and EXACT TOOLS to define the perfect passive income offerings FOR YOU, and walk you through the steps to sell them, in just 4 weeks!

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