I still kinda can’t believe I’m going to teach this session. I never imagined myself teaching others how to do what I do.

It’s been on my heart lately to find ways to help others. I’ve felt a pull to help others no matter what, and no matter how deep the information is that I’m sharing. If I hear the need, I need to share it. A few months back I was toying with some topic ideas to pitch to speak at Amber Housley’s conference outside of Nashville, Tennessee, called Inspired 2015. I thought a lot about the questions I always get asked, the gaps in the market, and quite simply – what other’s WEREN’T teaching. I then thought about the many amazing entrepreneurs out there who’ve contacted me and said,

“I love your stuff so much, but it’s outside of my budget right now. Hopefully some day in the future I can hire you!”

Every time I hear that, it makes me a bit sad inside. I totally know my worth, and my cause, but it still hurts that I can’t help that person.

So I thought, that’s what people need. They need to learn how to do this themselves. They need that knowledge. Why don’t I teach DIY design for those who can’t quite make the commitment for custom design? I then thought… “No way! I’m not teaching my secrets!” And then I realized…

Those secrets aren’t mine to keep inside.

If I really want to help and connect to the 30 people at Inspired, I need to share. I need to open up and show people why and how I do what I do… How I use those gifts that God has given me.

So here I am friends, open and vulnerable, and I’m going to be sharing ::GASP:: how I design websites. If this session sounds like something you need, come join us. I won’t be teaching this anywhere else. This is a one-time opportunity for me to share a piece of my heart. Here’s a video from last year’s Inspired to give you an idea of the experience:

Here’s exactly what I’ll be teaching in my session:


Are you ready to take creating your website into your own hands? It sounds like a big feat, but it doesn’t have to be! I will show you lots of options, depending on your level of design ability. I will talk about total DIY, partial DIY or working with templates. This session will cover some basic web design theory:

  • Where (and why) to place things
  • What to include in your website
  • What programs to use
  • Choosing a platform and webhost
  • Finding & working with a programmer to bring it all to life

No coding knowledge necessary, but I will give away some of my best secrets and how I envision and execute a design from start to finish. You will feel empowered and in the know, no matter where you are in your website journey.

If this is on your heart to learn, I’d love, love, love if you’d join us. Early-bird registration ends this Saturday 2/28. You will also get $200 off with promo code LOVEINSPIRED.

This event always sells out, so reserve your place now if this feels like something that fits.

I’d love to encourage you today, to also step outside your comfort zone, and share something personal if you think it can help someone else. It’s worth it.