“Doubt kills more dreams than failure EVER will.” I read this quote today and it lit me up inside, and it’s been echoing in my mind ever since.

This week I’m back from maternity leave and I’ve been filled with emotions. One of them is doubt. I’ve been worried about getting back into the swing, now with 2 kids, a mortgage and employees, things just got REALLY real. For reals. So when I heard this quote, it made my jaw drop. I love this so much, that it hurts.

Doubt KILLS dreams.

That’s so very sobering and SO very true. In working closely with business owners who have followed their dreams, I can see where those dreams have taken them… and it’s unimaginable to wonder what life would look like for them, if they hadn’t. What if they’d been too afraid – too full of doubt – to pursue those dreams?

I get it, failure is very real. But honestly, I can’t really think of any one of my clients, colleagues or friends who I would consider to have “failed” at a dream. Instead – they adapted. If sales didn’t work out as planned, they sold something else. If a business didn’t do as expected, they did something else. I wouldn’t call adapting or changing FAILING. Right? When we learn from something, and adjust – it’s surviving and thriving. It’s NOT failing.

So really then, what are we afraid of? Having to adapt or change? No problem. I hear you – it’s not always fun to adapt or change, but it’s nothing to be AFRAID of. It’s definitely not reason enough to NOT follow up on a dream.

Because really – what happens when that dream succeeds? Wouldn’t that possibility be worth it?

What have you been dreaming about lately, that you haven’t moved on because of doubt?


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