I’m a crazy business and life book person. There’s something about reading a book that’s healing. It gives you a much needed break, it allows you to slow down and focus, it gives you some much-needed alone time, and it gives your brain a workout. I love reading inspirational books, that make you FEEL good and LEARN a bunch. Here’s a list of my FAVORITE books that will never go out of style. Click on the images to view them directly on Amazon, and make sure to sign up for their free PRIME trial if you don’t already have it, for free express shipping (love me some Prime).


Be your own boss?

Start a side biz?

Get your finances in order?

Have the next big idea?

Start living your dream NOW?

Live a better story?

Be more courageous?

Do something just for you?

Be better at marketing?

Grow spiritually?

Be a big fish in a little pond?

Do it & do it well?

Build trust?

Better success habits?

Start in a new way?

Grow your biz?

Passive Income Info

Be a better mama

Work less?

Get courage to change

Have a GREAT one you just read that’s not on here? PRETTY PLEASE comment below and let me know!