Happy Monday friends! I did a scope this morning that’s a part of the SavvyScopeSeries about the Secret to HAPPINESS (with your website).

Watch the video above to hear all the lovely content, including my metaphors to bring it home! Here’s the cliff notes below:

This morning I heard on the radio about this study here, in it they say that MONEY CAN BUY happiness, but only if used a certain way.

In it they say, “After analyzing people’s personalities and money habits, the researchers found that people who spent more of their money on the activities and causes that were important to them were more satisfied with their lives. Researchers conducted a second experiment where people were given money and required to spend it a certain way. Again, people who had to spend the money in a way that fit their personalities were more satisfied with their experiences.”

It got me thinking, that’s very in line with why people LOVE their websites and what they do differently to love them.

The secret to happiness with your website, is a website that:

Gets the job done, and gets it done WELL

It looks great and works great. It attracts your IDEAL clients and it converts those clients into paying clients. In the video I talk about why it’s important to narrow and focus in your net.

It is AUTHENTIC to you

It feels like you, it helps the people you want to help, it showcases your passion. In the video I give a tip on how to hone in on your visual identity.

It is a little bit HIGHER level that you’re currently ready for

It fits you for the next level, and beyond. You can grow into your web presence as it’s already at that next level. In the video I explain more of what this means, and why it’s SO incredibly important for a growing business.


Thank you to all of those who joined us live and who watched the replay! Happy Monday!



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